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Real Stories
Real Results




Lost Almost 10 Pounds in 10 Weeks

I can’t recommend Tammy more highly! Not only is she one of the kindest people that I have ever met, she is an incredible trainer. She set up the perfect program for me and for my wedding. She keeps me accountable both in and out of the gym, and as a result I lost almost 10 pounds and 2% body fat in about 10 weeks. Tammy makes each session fun and challenging, and she’s very accommodating with her schedule to make it as easy as possible for her clients . During the stressful pre-wedding time in my life, I couldn’t have been more thankful for Tammy’s coaching and compassion. She is the BEST!

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Lost Over 4% Body Fat Percentage

My husband and I trained together with Tammy for 4 months leading up to our wedding in February. She is spectacular. We both lost a significant amount of weight, became stronger, and got really toned. I have never received so many compliments on my body as I did when I was working out with Tammy.  My arms were perfectly toned and my back looked amazing in my wedding dress.  I felt so good about myself and the hard work I had dedicated to my body.  Tammy supports healthy eating habits and cares genuinely about her clients – especially on their special day.  



Fit and Strong

I trained with Tammy before my wedding in February and continued training with her in preparation for my honeymoon. I lost a significant amount of weight and became much stronger than I was previously.  She is a very positive person and very engaging.  She makes working out fun! 



Lost Over 65 Pounds

I’ve had several trainers. I can honestly say that Tammy is the best of the best. In the first three months of working with her I lost close to twenty pounds. I look forward to reaching my goal weight with her help.  She makes each session challenging and fun because she knows how to push me to do more than I believe I can do.  I send her my food and exercise log and she provides productive feedback. I know the accountability has been exactly what I need to stay on track. I feel that Tammy truly cares about me and wants me to succeed. I can’t recommend her enough. 



Lost Over 35 Pounds

Tammy is as good as it gets! I have been working with Tammy for a few months to get stronger and lose weight. She has been great at creating exercises based on my goals, changing up my routine and finding activities that I can do despite several injuries. At my largest I weighed 160 pounds and wore a size 14. With Tammy’s help, I now weigh 125 pounds and wear a size 4. I love being little again!  



Beautifully Sculpted Back and Arms

I used to dread workouts and would always find an excuse to not make it to the gym. After working out with Tammy, I look forward to my workout days! She keeps them fun, interesting, and is not your typical “yell-at-you-’til-it-hurts” trainer. She actually listens and checks-in regularly throughout our sessions. She is totally understanding and provides modifications whenever necessary. What can I say? She’s a pro! 
— Also, I think I can do more push-ups than my husband can now 😉 And, bragging rights are always worth the soreness!  



Beautifully Sculpted Back and Arms

I would highly recommend Tammy as a trainer! My friend and I trained with Tammy because we wanted to look fantastic for our weddings! Tammy always made the sessions challenging and different. She is great at assessing your fitness level and pushing you forward to get better. I have never worked with a trainer before, and based on this experience, I love it! I have continued to train after my wedding and through two pregnancies. Tammy was great adapting to my fitness needs while pregnant, as well as, when I returned to training post-baby. I felt really healthy throughout my pregnancies, and I really think it was because of training with Tammy.



Lost Almost 35 Pounds

I highly recommend Tammy, especially for couples training together.  My husband and I trained with Tammy before our wedding, and it was a great experience.  She did a great job keeping the workouts interesting and challenging.  In addition, she always took into account our different fitness levels and gave us individual attention.  With Tammy‘s help, I was able to reach my fitness goals and felt beautiful and strong on my wedding day!



Lost Over 25 Pounds

I want to thank Tammy with Bridal Fitness Coach. When I came to her I was really stressed out about being able to fit into my dress in time for my wedding. With her help I went from 132 pounds to 105 pounds! Also, my body fat percentage went from 36% to 26%! With Tammy’s help I felt confident and beautiful on my wedding day!

Genuine yelp reviews.

  • On my wedding day, my bridesmaids were amazed at how toned I was – they told me multiple times that my arms and back looked awesome in my wedding dress! If you’re on the fence about hiring Tammy as your trainer, do yourself a favor and go for it!

  • Tammy helped me fit into my wedding dress just in time! She’s a great trainer! Kind, caring, motivating and fun. I highly recommend Tammy as a trainer for anyone – not just brides. She helped me achieve my goal!

  • Tammy is a great fitness coach. She is patient and kind. If your looking for a positive and challenging trainer, Tammy is the one to choose.

  • Tammy keeps the sessions challenging and different every time. After the first few weeks, I can definitely see a change in my body and am looking forward to continuing our workouts with her. Tammy is always on time, checks in before every session to make sure you are coming, which I like. I have never worked out with a trainer before, and based on this experience, I love it!

  • Tammy is awesome! She caters all exercises to you and your needs, but also pushes you to where you will see results, but not to the point of pain…Personal trainers never caught my interest because of this, but Tammy listens to you and what you feel comfortable doing.